Our Story

Frozen Yogurt keeps everyone happy!

Yo-Toppings is a family owned and operated self serve frozen yogurt joint. We are housed in a 1930's built garage that went through more work than what meets the eye to become "Yo-Toppings!"

As previously mentioned, the building has been around since the 1930's and has housed many businesses for the town of Waterloo. There was much more than just cosmetic work needed to transform the small shop into fully functioning frozen yogurt paradise!

The entire inside of the building gutted and replaced or removed. This includes existing walls, plumbing, flooring, car lifts, windows, and an extremely large hanging heater. All of this work was done primarily by the owners and family. Very little of the construction was subcontracted out to ensure the absolute uniqueness to every detail inside. 

We take a large amount of pride in our work here at Yo-Toppings and are very happy to serve the community of Waterloo. We appreciate all of the kind words we have received and compliments given by the community. Please stop by and see our little shop and we are always open to talking about the remodel and amazing hospitality that Waterloo has shown us since we opened!


At Yo-Toppings we offer a variety of discounts for our customers to take advantage of. These include:

Police / Fire / EMS In Uniform - 50%

Police / Fire / EMS with ID - 10%

Veterans - 10%

Students - 10%

Work Local - 10%